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    21 Days Self-Judgment Detox Challenge Workbook

    It's designed to help you eliminate self-destructive habits and feel confident and good about yourself.

  • Want to stop self-judgment?


    I know what it’s like to live in a constant evaluation of things about yourself.


    When I look back on my life, some of the moments I suffered most were self-inflicted moments of self-judgment.


    I was so hard on myself that...

    • I would constantly compare myself to others.
    • Nothing I did seemed to be good enough.
    • I rarely did anything nice for myself.


    There is nothing wrong with setting high standard for ourselves to thrive and dream big.


    But expectations often trigger fear.


    That's when we start judging ourselves and become our worst enemies.


    Self-judgment disconnects us from our genuine selves and holds us back from living a rich and fulfilled life.


    I'm sure you can relate to my story.


    So what did I do to break free from this unhealthy cycle?


    Self-Judgment Detox Challenge.


    The challenge helped me not only release self-judgment but create a deeper and more loving connection with myself and discover the true beauty of the world around me.


    It helped me so much that it got me thinking... How can others benefit from this too? which is why I've created this 38-page workbook💗


    Ready to eliminate self-destructive habits?


    You can get your copy now for $9.99!

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    Hi, I'm Miyu (Me-You)!


    I'm so excited you are here!


    I created this workbook based on a compilation of my experiences working with many women.


    It's designed to help you eliminate self-destructive habits and feel confident and good about yourself.


    For the past 8 years, I've helped women fall in love with themselves and their lives so they can add more meaning and joy to their lives.


    I hope you enjoy this challenge and discover something new!




  • FAQ

    Got Questions? Got answers!

    Q. How do I get access to the workbook?

    As soon as you make a purchase, you can download the workbook. It's a PDF so you can safe it to your smartphone or computer and either print and fill out with handwriting or open and fill it out on your device.

    Q. Do I get lifetime access?

    Yes! You get lifetime access to the workbook.

    Q. What if I have questions or need some support as I go through the exercises in the workbook?

    If you have a question about the specific exercise or need extra support, you can send me an email. I would be happy to assist you via email.
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