• "Mapping & Releasing Stored Emotions
    in the Body" Workbook

    Everything you need to know about the mental patterns behind the pain and discomfort in your body and how to release them.

  • Heal your body + Wake up every morning excited and energized = Thrive in life!

    How often do you think, "If I only knew what's causing this unexplained symptom…"?


    Our mind and body are well connected.


    If something is going on mentally or emotionally, it can manifest in our bodies as pain or discomfort, such as muscle tension, skin rash, weight gain, headaches, ringing in the ears, or some other illnesses.


    So in order to eliminate these conditions, you have to find the mental causes and negative thought patterns.


    Have you ever wondered if it's possible to holistically relieve pain?



  • "Mapping & Releasing Stored Emotions in

    the Body" Workbook is for you if...

    • You know you want to improve your physical wellness but aren't sure where to begin.
    • You are looking for a holistic approach to ease pain other than taking a painkiller.
    • You are interested in learning the mind-body connection.
    • You are open to understanding yourself more deeply and doing emotional healing.
    • You are ready to feel good mentally and physically so you can thrive, not just survive in life.

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    72-Page Workbook

    Designed to help find unprocessed emotions that cause you physical pain

    or discomfort and teach you how

    to release them. 

  • What's in the Workbook:

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    Exercise 1: Mapping Stored Emotions

    You will learn how to map various probable mental patterns in the body. Our body is a map to the wellness of our mind. As we bridge the mind and body, you can better understand the connection between trapped emotions and physical problems causing pain and discomfort.

    Step 1: Identify what's wrong with your body.

    Step 2: Decode the language.

    Step 3: Learn what your body symptoms really mean.

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    Exercise 2: Understanding The Language

    You will learn the language that your body uses to communicate with you. Understanding the mind-body language opens the door to start acknowledging what's been buried and suppressed within.

    Step 1: Find the hidden reasons.

    Step 2: Acknowledge your emotions.

    Step 3: Allow yourself to feel your emotions.

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    Exercise 3: Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

    You will learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs about the world, your body and health, and yourself. Your beliefs create your outcomes so breaking your limiting beliefs is essential to achieve your goals.

    Step 1: Identify your limiting beliefs.

    Step 2: Challenging your limiting beliefs.

    Step 3: Find the root causes of your limiting beliefs.

    Step 4: Adopt new beliefs.

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    Exercise 4: Forgiving Yourself

    You will focus on forgiving yourself for not only past mistakes but also how to treat yourself every day. In order to truly heal, you have to be able to forgive yourself and cultivate self-love and self-compassion.

    Step 1: Forgive your past mistakes.

    Step 2: I'm sorry to myself.

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    Exercise 5: Releasing Stored Emotions

    You will learn what to do physically to release the emotions from your body.

    Step 1: Physical activities.

    Step 2: Not quite ready to move your body? No problem!

  • Hi There!

    I'm Miyu, pronounced "Me-You."


    I'm a certified coach specializes in women's emotional wellness and self-love.


    Over the past 8 years, I've helped women heal their emotional wounds and fall in love with themselves so that they can live happily and fully in the present moment.


    I created this workbook based on my personal journey, years of education, and a compilation of my experiences working with many women.


    I hope it brings awareness to help you find the deeper levels of wisdom and unconditional love that are inherent within you.


    I offer it with love and desire to support you on your mind and body healing journey.




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  • FAQ

    Got Questions? Got Answers!

    Q. How do I get access to the workbook?

    As soon as you make a purchase, you can download the workbook. It's in a PDF format so you can save it to your smartphone or computer. You have options to print and fill out with handwriting or open and fill it out on your device.

    Q. Do I get lifetime access?

    Yes! You get lifetime access to the workbook.

    Q. Will I be learning about how to treat my condition?

    This workbook is designed to help you recognize the probable mental causes manifesting in your body as pain or discomfort and releasing them by creating a healthy mindset. It's not intended to treat or cure medical conditions. 
    If you're looking for a quick fix or not willing to do the work, this workbook isn't for you. If you are open to understanding yourself more deeply and doing emotional healing, then you're in the right place!

    Q. Will this work for me if I'm taking medications?

    Absolutely. The information is this book doesn't deny the important role of medicine, rather it seeks to work with whatever means of medical or complementary intervention you may choose, so that the healing can take place in a complete way.

    Q. I need to see a doctor but should I wait until I complete the workbook?

    No. Please seek medical supervision before attempting to do anything recommended or alluded to in this workbook. The information in the workbook should not replace the opinions of a medical professional.

    Q. What if I have questions or need some support as I go through the exercises in the workbook?

    If you have a question about the specific exercise or need extra support, you can send me an email. I would be happy to assist you via email.

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